UFO Reduction: February

New projects started in February

  • Gördes socks
  • Norie hat

New Projects completed in February

  • Gördes socks
  • Norie hat

UFOs picked up in February

  • Ruffled Fichu
  • Third Weaving

Total Projects Completed in February = 2

Projects disposed of from original list: 11

  • Frogged (7)
    • Infernal Mitts
    • Blue DK cabled mitts
    • Handspun Cushion cover
    • Icing
    • Very Terhi
    • Spiraluscious mitts
    • Quill
  • Otherwise disposed of (1)
    • Roving tea cosy (it was finished and I gave it away)
    • Ferry Socks – decided doesn’t count as a UFO
  • Completed (3)
    • Clapotis
    • Norie
    • Gordes

Projects remaining of original 42 = 30

Live Projects

  • Ruffled Fichu (in progress – 60% complete)
  • Third Weaving (Priority 1 – I need the loom – 80% complete)
  • Ferry Blanket (ongoing – how long is a piece of string?)

Planned for March

New Projects:
Mood socks

For completion:
Ruffled Fichu, Third Weaving, Antalya (to graft), Felted Bowl, Red Bag, Handspun Aestlight (requires yarn plying)

UFO/WIP count target for end of month: 25

Caveat: There is a need to produce some handspun yarn and knitting for a variety of events. This may overtake any form of UFO reductiuon planning

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