Two into one will go

I tend to think of our fridge/freezer as almost new. In fact we purchased it when we moved into our Bradford house, which would be around 13 years ago, I think. Since then the appliance has moved house three times and spent a period in a lean-to when it turned out to be too tall to get into Skylight Cottage without lifting the flagstones. It has probably done sufficient service but my economical Yorkshire heart has grave misgivings about ditching the fridge even at this point.

For the last three years or so the fridge has been exhibiting a fault with the main board. Mr L has repeatedly managed to subdue the fault but it always returns. The latest fix involved removing the operating switch buttons. We agreed at that time that we probably ought to replace the appliance.

We found the model that we wanted and determined that John Lewis was the only place to get it at a reasonable price and without an exorbitant delivery charge.

Settled – though neither one of us could bring ourself to actually place the order. We would wait – perhaps the January sales might bring a reduction… and it made more sense to buy after the new floor goes down.

Fast forward to this week, when Mr L noticed that John Lewis would be following that awful US trend and having a Black Friday event. He wondered if we might be lucky. Today he checked the site and reported back that although there were no BF refrigeration offers, the model that we settled on is now reduced by a further £30. In response to his wondering why, I suggested that as it is an old model, and seemingly the cheapest “American Style side-by-side” unit available, perhaps they were clearing stock and if we didn’t move now, there would be omelette on faces.

So, there we are, Black Friday casualties. I would have never believed it.

He had to do a dance with the credit card company and their security hoops. This was exceedingly annoying. Just because we hardly ever use a credit card is no reason to block it for “suspected fraudulent use”!  Now that is sorted, we half expect another call, beginning…. “but you live in Orkney!”

We shall see.

I am appalled at this huge expenditure but am assured by ‘im indoors that it will pay for itself within its lifetime by reducing our energy consumption. It will replace both the current fridge/freezer and the chest freezer, being more efficient than either of those, and give me much more space for my veggie shopping. This week’s shop ended up half in the fridge and half in a bag in the utility room.

The only down side that I can see is that there will be no prospect of putting a whole lamb in there. Nor do I think I shall be able to store heaps of home-made bread.

I am looking forward to replacing the chest freezer with a couple of base unit cupboards!

Speaking of all that veggie shopping – I just trawled through it all and sorted into date order and found I have a problem challenge in using it all up before it goes slimy  or grey and furry. If you want me, I shall be in the kitchen brewing soups from slightly sad cruciferous veg and making a quiche (tenderstem broccoli, asparagus and Gruyère) and red cabbage coleslaw for dinner. Tomorrow’s curry will be veggie too: aubergine, mushroom, green beans. That should sort out the bulk of it and the root veg will keep until later  but what am I going to do with the mangetout and the Pak Choi? Hopefully they will still be fit for use on Monday, Fast Day, and I can concoct a stir fry or a hot and sour soup or some such. How many calories in rice noodles?

Oh, dear.

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