I washed and blocked my scarf and socks today. The socks are much improved for it. The scarf? Well, basically it looks terrific. But I found a hole! About one quarter in from one end – a large hole with around four stitches running. I have no idea if I am skilled enough to repair it, but I do know that I shan’t be showing this item at the annual Show. All that work, wasted 🙁

It looks suspiciously like The Work of Cat.


I began a new pair of socks last night. The first sock is around a third of the way down the leg. And it’s rather good fun. The yarn is a sumptuous colour and a real pleasure to knit with. I doubt they will be complete in time for the “Anything from 100 grams” class, though. Socks seem to take an inordinate amount of knitting time for what are such small items.

Merope Socks in The Yarn Yard Bonny – “PYO”