Today I did not manage to make it to spinning group.  Instead, I had to make do with making some postcards for a swap, which was a job well done.

Also a job well done was the winding of my recent club skein from The Yarn Yard.

October solid club yarn balled

All ready now to cast on for Mr L’s third pair of socks.

I wound my yarn with my new skeinwinder, which  I mentioned in passing the other day but have so far failed to enthuse about in full.

Swift and skein

It is a Sunflower Swift, from er… Sunflower Swifts who are at one and the same time: FibreClaireUK (Claire) from the Weekend Whirls LJ community blog, Sublime Spindles, and “Mr ClaireUK”

swift folded uprightBase packed inside

blurry base

No, I am not going to tell you all about it. You can click through and read all about it at Claire’s site.

All I shall say is that I am very pleased with it. It is well made and nice to handle.

Sad to say, that is all that has been achieved today. I feel completely wiped out – totally lacking in energy.

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