To see ourselves as others see us

As Mr L had done a mound of shopping on Monday, I was able to go to spinning today. I kind of wish that I  had not, as I now feel absolutely wiped out. It is quite alarming to me that I  now find spinning sessions so stress-inducing. It used to be fun. I hope it becomes fun once again. Anyway, I have a thumping headache and a real bone-weariness, and so the things that I promised to do today have not been done.

Notable points from spinning today – two ladies had their World of Wool custom blends with them and both are absolutely gorgeous. Must not fall prey to temptation. Must not… Also, much amused by general consensus present that I am a highly competitive person. How that would make those who truly know me laugh. No, sorry, ladies – not a competitive bone in my body. I am way too lazy to care! Absolutely no will to win and am by nature far more a cooperative worker than a winner. The only person that I compete against is myself. It is absolutely true that I like to be good at things – and I don’t like to do things that I am not good at. I’m always pushing myself to learn more and to improve in what I do. I rarely satisfy my own standards. That’s quite enough to be going on with. My, how my old PE teachers would react to hear me described as competitive. I can’t even abide to watch competitive things. I just do not understand the nature of it  – especially anything that involves going round in circles. Or balls. Or flags and nationalism. No, you’d never motivate me to try and beat the living daylights out of another competitor. Each to their own. I’ll go at my pace, you trot along at yours. The tortoise will always catch up with the hare… eventually. Uusally after the hare has dropped dead from over-exertion.

I took Morgana to spinning – it was her first outing. She was much admired. I have almost finished the second bobbin of Corriedale/Romney singles, spinning locks from the fold. As soon as this bobbin is filled I shall switch to drum carding the fleece.

There is very little knitting being done around here. The red swirly thing is still in front of me. I’d love to finish it off but not today – I’m too muddle headed right now. As soon as possible, though – I want the needles for another project. I want to deploy the Pentland yarn that came last week and I fell for Gudrun’s newest pattern yesterday. It should be a good marriage.

It’s piddling down today – so no WIP photo of the red swirly thing, I’m afraid. I really must make a push to complete it tomorrow. I have spent far too much time with the camera and the web site this week.

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