Times are changing

We’re back! It took some doing though. Mr L moved woolgathering to its new server and then awaited DNS propagation. He announced this morning that the site was now visible again and so I set off to write this… but I was not seeing the blog on the new server, just the old one. Extensive investigation took ages. We cursed Chrome and my browser settings. My F5 key took a real pounding, in every key combo known to mankind. Nothing worked, until we discovered that I had a hard-coded entry in my hosts file! All is well now.

Mr L is now on his final two days at his desk. After tomorrow we can begin to reorder the office at home. He has a few days holiday and then a final trip down to the office in Manchester for a week and then… he’s done and things will change.

I have been working on the issue of reducing my Bandwidth demands for some time, against the day when “we hit the road”. This morning something struck home. It’s not some day in the distant future that I need to prepare for but right now. Once Mr L has finished work, we lose our telephone and our Broadband. We shall be on a limited mobile solution with immediate effect.

The thought was a little startling. My online life is going to change drastically. What does this mean in real terms – well, I do not really know yet. One thing that will have to go are the afternoon films that accompany my knitting. No iPlayer, no Netflix, no Amazon Prime. As the iPlayer will shortly need the possession of a TV licence, it’s quite timely that I should have to stop watching for bandwidth reasons! But oh, how I shall miss the convenience of sitting here and knitting away to a good film. I hope they don’t make life difficult over using the iPlayer for radio.

I enjoy my afternoon films mainly because I can watch things that Mr L always rejects for our evening viewing. Soppy things, for instance. Also films that have their roots on the stage. Mr L does not enjoy stagey productions. Last night we watched Six Degrees of Separation and I could tell by his restlessness that it was not gripping him.

Facebook will have to go, at least to a large extent. My image-sharing habits need to change too, I shall need to upload smaller images and perhaps only upload to one site (to Flickr?) and then use the URL to share more widely when desired. Blogging? Less of it, I suppose, with fewer images. So perhaps an overall increase in quality against quantity, who can tell.

So, more radio, more reading, more crosswords, more knitting, more spinning. All the things that I claim not to have enough time for will magically gain more time. That’s not a bad thing, is it?

Should we discuss the housework? I’d far rather not. At least when we live in a van there won’t be much of that to do. I suppose that in the meantime I could while away the hours in making the place look less like a hovel.

There is little to report today. Saturday was mainly down time. I made fresh pasta dressed with some lovely fresh pesto that I had bought at Kirkness & Gorie on Thursday, serving that with a large and perkily fresh salad.

Dinner (2 of 3)

Dessert was a flourless chocolate cake with raspberries and crème fraîche.

Dinner (1 of 3)
Topped with caramelised almonds

There was a cheese course too. I may not enjoy going to town and I may hate shopping but I do like the way that we eat once I have made the effort to go out and buy some decent produce. The salad in particular was gorgeous, with fresh rocket and baby beet leaves, fresh herbs, avocado and other good things in it.

Dinner (3 of 3)
With fresh raspberries and crème fraîche

Unfortunately a large measure of alcohol was included in that meal as we had a pre-dinner glass of the new Orkney gin.

EDIT of 20160807-IMG_9347-9347_1351 of 1_FB

A bottle of red wine accompanied the pasta and then washed down the cheese and a bottle of dessert wine helped the chocolate cake long. So, Sunday was a washout too.

The weather is being very unseasonable, to the extent that ferries have been cancelled. I think that we may count ourselves fortunate that Show day was much better. I should like an improvement by tea-time tomorrow so that we might enjoy our holiday.

I’ve had several lazy days on the trot, I do believe that it is time now for me to do some tidying up shifting things from pillar to post and then back again.

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