Tick, tick, tick

The ticks on my ToDo list are adding up nicely. I can feel the weight being lifted  from my shoulders. Jolly good.

Being busy means little to report:

1) I’m keeping up with my 365 image project so far. Eight images done. Wondering what to do for Nine.

2) I’ve done that really scary thing where one tries to estimate one’s longevity and juggle monthly pension against instant gratification.

3) We have gone for instant gratification – planning to pay off the mortgage and allow Mr L to retire. Some time in the next 2 years, anyway. We shall probably allot funds to new doors and windows and the timings will be sensitive to the size of that bill. He has something to look forward to at least.

4) I am going to be A Pensioner by March. OMG.

5) A Jack tripod is on its way to me from 3 Legged Thing. A gift from Mr L, it’s a bargain buy as an ex-display model. I hope that it gets here in time to photographing the promised aurora(s). Spaceweather looks very exciting right now.

6) No spinning done. No knitting done. No treasure found. I do have some sewing on my desk and a plan that includes picking it up and working on it… soon. Ish.

7) I made my first Polenta today. It was delish. The recipe made heaps, so I have a lifetime supply in the freezer now.

8) Having finally cooked the Christmas (smoked) Gammon, I am left wondering what to do with it all. We have had: Roast gammon and Braised Red Cabbage, with Parsnip and Potato Mash; Gammon and Cheese Quiche; Gammon and Leek pudding with leftover red cabbage; and Cheese and Gammon Polenta. There remains yet too much good meat to resort to Split Pea and Ham soup.


The polenta was made from Hugh F-W’s recipe for Polenta Wedges and I included the last of the Sage Derby in the cheese component and also added chopped smoked gammon.

9) the Netflix trial continues well. We watched Quartet last night and awarded it 5 stars. Wonderful film – just my kind of film – where nothing much happens, nobody dies, no cars are crashed… lovely music – all this and Sir Tom bloody Courtenay! (looking good, Sir Tom, looking good.) Salmon Fishing in the Yemen next, I think.

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