Tick, tick, tick, no ticks

(my) Clothes sorted and hanging up in the van – tick

Cat bathed – tick

Cat claws clipped – tick

Cat bed in washer – tick

Cat food packed – tick

Dog food packed – tick

Dog Frontlined – tick

Nipples greased – tick (NO – the RV!)

Itinerary planned – tick

Parking spots researched – tick

Ferry tickets packed – tick

Camera batteries charged – tick

Phones charged – tick

Tablet charged – ?

Laptop loaded with films – ?

Laptop charged – ?

Lenses cleaned – to do

Sensor cleaned – to do

Knitting packed – to do

Cat Frontlined – to do

Food packed – to do

Beer and Wine packed – to do

Meals planned – to do

Shopping list done – to do

Pointing out to Mr L that this is his last holiday ever – TICK

30 working days left.


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