Thrills in the Pool

Today’s Thursday Thrill comes to you via Artist’s Palette Yarns where the blog entry for the 15th June drew my attention to the thrills of planned pooling. This is what thrilled me, exactly:

Click to read Yarn Floozies: More fun in the pool

I have been researching ever since.

Most of the details are in Juliet’s post – she gives the links to Wenat’s blog and article. There are a number of planned pooling scarf/stole patterns/projects listed on Wenat’s blog along with useful help on how to plan your pooling. There is a Pooled Knits group on Ravelry. This thread shows examples of suitably pooling skeins.

I want to have a go. More than one go. I can see that it won’t be easy, due to my inability to ponder skeins in shops. Clearly, if Wollmeise were not as rare as gnats’ teeth, the course of least resistance would be to buy a skein or five. As it is, I shall probably make a few mistaken purchases along the way – the first of which is probably on its way to me as I type this (I thought I’d try some 100 Pure dye jobs that I would normally run away from – cheap and cheerful and affordable for experimentation.)

I can see a driver (finally) to the dye pot!

In the meantime, if you have skeins to destash and they look like the skeins exhibited here with suitable length colour runs…. I may well be interested in purchasing from you. Send me photos! Or maybe you are an indie dyer with skeins of the right type for sale – please let me know. I really need to do this!