Thrilled Skinny

I do not expect today’s thrill to set the world on fire — you will just have to take it from me when I say just how delighted I am that the second commissioned lace scarf is just flying along, when compared to the first. The first one took over four weeks to do. The second is 10% complete already.


Both are made from Colourmart 2/28NM Cashmere/Silk/Mernino 2ply laceweight.

The pink one is from a ball obtained in a mixed odds ‘n ends set that I bought from ebay. It is very fine, very soft, very slippery. The green one is from a cone that I bought from the Colourmart site — it is the same cone that I knitted my first Link scarf. It feels harsh until washed, and it has plenty of grip. It feels thicker in my fingers and is less apt to split stitches, drop stitches,  or otherwise misbehave. I am knitting faster and making fewer (none, actually… thus far) mistakes. There has been no backward motion on this scarf (yet.)

So. I am a very happy teddy today, and feeling much more cheerful. I am even starting to think about some small projects to sell at the Christmas Fair on 5th December. Good grief, do I really believe that I can achieve a finish on the scarves and design and knit some mitts and hats? Eternally optimistic, that is me.

See you on the other side.

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  1. November 25, 2010

    I have the same optimism about Christmas knitting, I am still kidding myself that I can get it all done, together with my killer workload…

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