This, that, the other, and bagels

  • It is a day of sun, showers and rainbows
  • Shopping has been done, including Highland Park Smoked Salmon for the Bagels we are making tomorrow and…
  • Cream cheese ditto (low fat at that!)
  • and more haggis-stuffed beef olives, for Sunday
  • Our Wedding Anniversary dinner has been ordered – a local free range duck, so that’s some amazingly prepared forward planning (for us, at least). I hope I can find the Hungry Monk recipe book in time.
  • More 5:2 recipe books arrived today, thus making me feel guilty
  • I am however wearing a sweater that has not seen daylight for years
  • The blocking mats (empty) are still on the bench, so I may attack that fluffy white cape later.
  • Hopefully there will also be spinning today
  • Macaroni cheese later will be made with skimmed milk,  wholemeal pasta (yuk) and cauliflower but very little actual pasta. Sounds horrible, doesn’t it? But I’m thinking I’ll be needing more than one bagel tomorrow.

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