This, that and the other

Changes afoot here on the Windswept Acre. Dennis left us to go to his new home last night and things seem very quiet around here now. The girls seem a little subdued without him, but I am sure they’ll enjoy growing their feathers back. He was a bit of a rough handler… we got a clear look at a couple of the Rocks in their nesting boxes this morning and there are no signs of parasites. We are pretty sure that the feather loss is all down to Dennis. I was inordinately pleased by the hens letting me stroke them and admire the irridescent emerald green of their plumage this morning. One of them made little cooing sounds as I stroked her – I think she may have liked it!

The wind got up last night — and almost took the black plastic sheeting from the garden. We have been out in a bracing breeze this morning, weighting it all down again.

I won £10 this morning, courtesy of the scratch card that my MiL sent me in my thingie card.

Feeling very out of sorts and mugwumpish today. I am going to cook lunch now and then intend to hibernate with some knitting this afternoon. Added chocolate would be good… I wonder if there is a good fillum on the iPlayer.

Hope I feel more sociable by the weekend!

Over, and out. I have risotto to make.


  1. May 20, 2011

    I spent ALL DAY yesterday thinking ‘why is 19 May familiar …?’ Happy wotsit for yesterday!

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