This post is for Fran

Sorry blog-folk. Today is becoming increasingly disorganised. My photo skills seem to have departed me today and I have had three attempts, seeming to get no closer to accuracy. Show and Tell will arrive soon. Until then, have an eavesdrop…

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Gotland Lamb

The Gotland Lamb – a beautiful silvery grey – soft and lustrous. The finest weight of all of today’s yarns. I have approximately 400 yards, weighing 180g. We cannot reproduce this yarn. 400 yards is sufficient for a small scarf and would make the My So-called Scarf without difficulty, though I believe a more fluid stitch pattern would bring out the best in this yarn


Shetland, in Moorit colour. Warmer colour than than porridge – think maybe pinhead oatmeal. 180g again, but an airier yarn — giving 580 yards. Plenty for a scarf and will behave well in most patterns we care to throw at it. A very traditional yarn. Possibly a bit “hairy” for some men, tender souls that they are.

Comparison of the two yarns

Gotland and Shetland side by side

We also have a Ryeland and Corriedale yarn

Ryeland and Corriedale

I’m not particularly recommending this one as there is a large shade variation between skeins – but it is a very attractive colour.

In a slightly heavier weight, we have a Hebridean plyed with Gotland for a tweed effect. This would look very effective with the Gotland skeins, knitted into something like a linen stitch longways striped scarf

Gotland and Gotland/Hebridean tweed

I do not believe that the remainder of today’s yarns are what you have in mind. They are darker and slightly thicker. I do have one more Shetland yarn, though – this one is spun by me. I have just completed a third skein to add to this pair that I entered in our Annual Show.

Shetland skeins

My spinner is checking her stocks to see what she has. Although she has no more of the Gotland lamb, she does have Gotland yarn from other fleeces in a slightly larger quantity. She will bring me suitable yarns tomorrow – I’ll add them to this post in an edit.


A feast for the eyes (and hands)

Baby Alpaca!

Locally grown alpaca – baby’s first haircut. A white and a grey fleece spun together into this gorgeous marbled yarn. Soft as butter. Twice as delicious.

Compare with the Gotland lamb…

Alpaca below, Gotland on top

The Gotland looked gorgeous until I put the two yarns together. The silvery grey looks flat against the marble grey of the alpaca. There is an exponential difference in handle, of course. Not fair to even compare the two, really.


Gotland left, Alpaca right

The alpaca is bouncier and fuller and slightly tighter ply.