This blog fuelled by…

Mr L has been wanting a new automatic espresso maker for ages, the old one having broken its grinder and sprung a few leaks etc. Finally, donations for Cumulus amounted to sufficient to fund the purchase of a new machine – after all, Cumulus is fully fuelled (as is this blog) by caffeine so it seems a bona fide use of funds.

We have been waiting for the machine to arrive. Tracking had it in Inverness on Tuesday afternoon and therefore I practically mugged Davey yesterday, but he had only yarn for me. We waited for him this morning before making coffee -  but he drove straight past the Windswept Acre. Most odd. The parcel was sent ParcelFarce48 – and should have been with us, after being handed off to Royal Mail. Tracking now says “Out for Delivery” and has done so since at least yesterday morning…


So we made coffee in the old creaky machine and went to sit in the Conservatory with it (- what’s this, must be Spring!) and while we sat there, watching the dogs playing outside and the cats lolling in the sun inside… Mr L suddenly leapt from his seat and called the dogs in. “It’s the van!” he exclaimed. “What, Sinclair’s?” queried I, “but they shouldn’t have our parcel, surely?” He said that he’d seen the van indicating to turn in…

Sure enough, the local haulier’s van pulled up and…. out came a coffee machine, along with the words “I don’t know how we ended up with it…” Hmm… I guess that means that there is an unexpected bill in the offing.

The machine is unpacked. It looks very swish, but we have no idea about its operation. There were no instructions enclosed. We can’t find a downloadable manual on the Internet for this model either.

Looks like poor Mr L is going to have to wait a little while longer until he gets a decent cup of coffee. We shall have to get back to the supplier and ask them to send us a manual.

In the meantime, Treacle is having a great time with the outer packaging. I need to extricate him, as this box looks like a decent size and proportion for a home-made lightbox. I wonder if we have any white paint I can liberate from the DIY stores in the garage.

I think my coffee has gone cold now.

I don’t think there’s a fresh one in the offing any time soon.

(Don’t ask about the book)

Spaghetti and garlic bread for lunch today – comfort-food mode is fully engaged. Wish my headache would go away.