This and that

I am far more optimistic about the yardage for the Slippery Socks now. I weighed the remaining yarn and I tried the sock (which has been making progress, through slowly) on. I an 90% certain the yarn will go all the way. But I am 99% certain that these socks are going to be too small for me.

I have refrained successfully from knitting cashmere all day! What I have done is to fill my bobbin with the merino/mohair tops that I am spinning.

I have also done some cleaning and tidying, and made and eaten cake (as well as a very fine pasta bake).

Mostly, I have been arting.

I have had a positively splendid time turning half a dozen photographs into a single digital collage and then turning that into a postcard. I needed five postcards for a Swap-Bot swap entitled (forgive me) “ WHR DO U LIVE? POSTCARDS! “ [Sic]. I seized the opportunity to do something for PS3 “Earth” in lovely browns and greens. I like it lots. Now I have to persuade the printer not to do anything stupid with it and to ensure it has enough ink to print five off… what’s the chances? About as much chance as I have of that sock fitting me when I finally complete it.

A productive day, anyway.