Things change

Remember this?

The fleece stack non-organisation pile, behind the bar billiard table?

Not there any longer!

The fleeces are now sorted and labelled in cardboard boxes and neatly stacked beneath the work table in my craft room.


Now all that I have to do is to get some spun. I have fleeces labelled 2006… and there were M things in one of them. I now have the Rentokil m*** killer  paper strips inside each storage box. After all, that’s what I purchased them for – it was high time that I got around to deploying them.

That is not all that I have been busy doing. I have been catching up on stash photographs, focusing on the candidate yarns for the remaining Silk Road Socks (Flickr | Ravelry) These of course have long been protected by the holy trinity: cedarwood/lavender/Rentokil. I take no chances with my yarn stash!

The whole “O” business continues this weekend. We have the steam cleaner in the conservatory today, in a last ditch attempt to make the place presentable in readiness for next weekend’s Open Studio. Dear deity! I do so need to crack on with some carding/spinning/weaving before next Saturday. Oh, my. Wherever is the time going to?

BTW – have you seen my new toy?  It is soooo dinky!


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