The Yarn Yard: Toddy

yarnyard1From Natalie Fergie, the brilliant Indie Dyer of The Yarn Yard, comes the fabulous Toddy sock yarn:

Toddy – the perfect pick-me-up! Toddy is 75% merino for softness and cossetting and a cuddle when you need it, and 25% nylon for strength.

Toddy - October 2008 Solid Club skein
Toddy - October 2008 Solid Club skein
Toddy - October 2008 Solid Club yarn
Toddy - October 2008 Solid Club yarn

I used Toddy to knit a wonderful pair of mansocks, UK size 10.

Earl Grey Socks FO 2
Earl Grey Socks FO 2

There were 22gms left over. In yardage terms then, Toddy offers stacks for a pair of socks. I used 360 yards or thereabouts, leaving 100 yards over.

It is the quality of this yarn that astounds. Unbelievably soft and springy, it totally belies the 25% Nylon content that gives it its exceptional strength. In fact, the yarn feels as soft and smooth as a baby yarn. It has all the warmth and loft that you would expect from the Merino – and has a really high “cuddle” factor.

Knitted up, in this case on 2.75mm square needles, it gave a uniform stitch and a smooth fabric – with great elasticity throughout. The subtle variations in shade yield a sophisticated appearance to the colour.

I will certainly use Toddy again.

The Facts

Toddy offers 420 metres per 100g. (460 yards approx.)

The current normal selling price is £11.00 per skein, plus postage.
Mine cost me £12 total, as it came via the Solid Club Subscription


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