The Thrill of the Yarn

Oh, what a Thursday Thrill we have today. Nobody can tell me that new stash is ever any less than thrilling but today’s parcel is just wondrous!

The recent Colourmart Lovers contest[sic] over on Ravelry saw the Woolgatherer produce the best project in the Accessory category – my Annis shawl.  The prize for this extraordinary feat was 200g cashmere yarn of my choice, donated by Colourmart. The decision making process was tough and came down to two yarns in the end. The obvious thing to do was to claim one, and to purchase the other. I claimed the cashmere and bought some mohair/merino.

Bright Petrol laceweight Cashmere

The first yarn  is a 2/36NM laceweight in Bright Petrol. I asked for it two-plying, so it is now a 4/36NM yarn or approximately 9 metres to the gram. All being well, I should have about 1,800 metres in my 200g to play with and I think that I am going to make a Pi Shawl with it,  in honour of EZ’s centenary. Mwaa Knit, has produced THREE pi shawl patterns for the occasion and I am minded to make the Camping Shawl. There’s just a wee niggle at the back of my mind that it would perhaps be best done in white. I have a Colourmart Linen and Cashmere blend that would be fabulous for Camping. However, the plan for now is to use the cashmere.

Mohair/Merino in Granate

The second yarn is one that I have earmarked for my Bridgewater Shawl. I bought two cones of 2/16NM 4 plyed yarn in 20% Mohair 80% Merino. The colour is an amazing red, named Granate and is said to be spun in Spain for Burberry. It yields 1,200 metres per cone (1,300 yards – about 875 yards per 100g) so I have more than enough for my Bridgewater.

Of course, the Bridgewater would be just as fine in the Cashmere… clearly there are decisions to be made.

Finally – did I mention the extra-thrilling yarn that forms part of the prize for being  Most Productive Knitter. It arrived earlier this week, a cone of silk from Kimaya. (There remains one more thrilling prize to arrive here (this is it) that was sent to me two weeks ago and I suppose must be languishing in Customs. )

Everything in me now wants to cast on. Should it be the  Pi, or should it be the Bridgewater? Obviously it should be neither. Self-discipline needs to be exerted and that UFO pile must be busted. I just keep thinking that Bridgewater is  exactly the kind of remedial knitting that would suit me right now…

The Twisted sock made progress last night. I do believe that I am capable of sticking at it despite the deep and glowing glory of the two cones of red yarn sitting at my right elbow at this moment.

How long before I cave in? Bets may be laid in the Comments section below.