The space between

I began a new FutureLearn course today. It’s a bit up itself and I don’t know if I shall stick with it but the high point of this week was discovering this video

How did I get to my advanced age without having seen this video before? It is a work of GENIUS.

Anyway – the course is Commercial Photography: Still and Moving Image

[su_quote cite=”Norwich University of the Arts” url=””]ABOUT THE COURSE This free online course is designed to help current or aspiring commercial photographers get to grips with new media and moving image photography.[/su_quote]

When I first saw the listing, the course was touted for both Commercial and Amateur photographers. It since seems to have moved more to the commercial focus and I can no longer find reference to its usefulness in developing a visual aesthetic for any photographer.

So far this week’s material has focused on the differences between still photographs, moving images and filmwork. As a veteran of just one time-lapse effort, I am all at sea. As for discussion of “the space between still and moving images” – well, that’s the kind of stuff that will send me scampering for a safe harbour.

As for Andy Earl’s video above – all made from still, stereoscopic images (two hand-held Nikon 35mm cameras and one flash unit) then using morphing techniques to animate the end result. Absolutely brilliant – and apparently the technology behind The Matrix and “bullet time”.

I confess that ideas are swirling around my head and I am wondering how to make the blog less static… It is worth noting that both the Canon and the little Nikon shoot film.

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