The Plan (and us)

The problem, as I see it, with having A Plan, is that things never actually go to plan, do they.

I confess that I sent Mr L off to town yesterday with some sense of reservation. I know what he is like – apt to purchase every available calorie of zero nutritional value. He said it would be OK if I gave him a list. Well, I tried that one time and he still bought loads of stuff not on the list – things I had deliberately left off because we had plenty in stock, for instance. So last time I sent him with two lists – one of which was a list of things not to bring home and he still brought a load of rubbish that it had not occurred to me to say that we didn’t need because, well, what is obvious to me is not obvious to him and he thinks we need peanuts, crisps and chocolate.

Anyway, I sent him off with a laboriously-compiled and very lengthy shopping list on two A4 sheets of paper.

He lost one.

It probably made sense in his head at the time but he kind of made up page two as he went round Tesco. He blames it on the rolling motion of the ferry and his consequent queasiness. He claims to have no recollection at all of buying the tray of pineapple tarts, for instance.

Next time, I go. Whatever logical argument he makes for me staying at home, I go!

Having stayed at home with Nell I did put my time to good use. I cranked up the Aga and got stuck in to some bread-making, turning out an onion bread cob, some Granary rolls and  a batch of muffins. I also baked some flapjacks, roasted some nuts and brewed up a litre of yoghurt. Go, me.

Teddy’s trip to the vet was inconclusive, nothing particular could be found wrong. His blood tests showed that his kidney function is marginal but this may be simply age-related or possibly an indicator of failure at some future point but kidney failure is not the current problem and neither is it an over-active thyroid (his thyroid is if anything under performing.) There was some slight indication that an infection may be at the root of it and so he had an antibiotic jab and came home with some pills. Back in three weeks to see how things are going. I’ll bet he’s hoping for a smoother ride next time – he was distinctly upset by this week’s trip (I’ll bet Mr L was pleased that I had the foresight to pack a bin bag and some blue paper roll in the car.)

Last night we ate the Tesco £10 supper that was on the list and watched a film that had arrived in the morning’s post. I’m Not There must be the weirdest film ever made and this second watching failed to make matters any clearer than the first. We enjoyed Dylan’s music though and I remain in awe of Cate Blanchett’s performance of the Jude personification. It cannot be a popular film, I think, our DVD cost a little over a pound and it was a new one, not 2nd hand. It is however a curiosity and I recommend it to anyone of our generation who has not yet seen it.

Mr L has been cleaning Brunhilde’s roof today. He hopes to attach her new solar panel this weekend — but not tomorrow, when we intend to go stock-judging.

Ted has been very quiet today, spending most of the day curled up in his bed by the Aga. I think yesterday’s outing unsettled him mightily.

I have still done no knitting or spinning. I wish I knew where the time goes to.  The holiday blogging also remains well behind schedule.

And now for that onion cob, some good cheese, and a nice beer. Simple pleasures are the best.

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