The “O” thing gives me the needle

Something to show today, something to tell. Look what I got!

Mr L was buying a cabinet of small drawers for his railway layout bits and pieces and I remarked that I had been looking for something similar for my workroom. We found a set that we both thought would be useful and where buying two reduced the price of each!

1 £13.95 (£16.74 inc VAT)
2+ £12.74 (£15.29 inc VAT)

They came from CPC – they deliver free if you spend £45, so we did… and packed the order out with a few small things that were useful.

The cabinet is made by RAACO, has a steel case and polypropylene drawers. There are 44 drawers – 40 narrow ones, one full width one, and three mid size. Far more than I needed for what I had in mind, but this was the optimum purchase.

Any idea what I am using mine for? The item used to show scale may help…

In the bottom drawer, I have these

and the wee drawers are perfectly sized for these

and the middle sized drawers are just right for the extra bits and pieces

I’m having a row for each full mm size, with the drawers going + .25mm from left to right. That means e.g. 4mm on left, then 4.25mm, 4.5mm, to 4.75 mm on the next to right. That means that I can store and find all sizes without use of labels. (I’m starting with the 3mm row at the bottom and working upwards.)  It also means lots of extra drawers for whatever I want to use them for… cable needles, wool needles… beads perhaps.

Best of all? It is wall-mountable!

Now, if only I could find something similar to accomodate my DPNs…

If course, I had no need for this anally-retentive level of O-ness when I had all my needles in use. This spate of the “O” thing is brought to you courtesy of the Great UFO Reduction Plan – which is currently suffering hiccups, but more of that tomorrow, I think.

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  1. March 16, 2011

    That looks great. Now what I need is someone to put it all away for me each time.

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