The little miracle called blocking

I tried another photo session today. I wanted to get decent snaps of my felt, and also a FO shot of the Noro Hat – plus a quick snap of a newly cast on project.

Groovy-FO-1thb I was surprised (why? I shouldn’t have been) when I picked up the Noro Hat (should I call it a NotNoro Hat?) to find how very soft it was. When I knitted it, it was heavy and pretty rigid and did actually stand up by itself. No longer! Since Mr L inadvertently blocked it to his head it has become soft and floppy and quite adorable. Also, much too large for me now. Damn! He’s blocked it to his head shape/size!! Really though, the difference in the fabric is rather startling.

I still do not have decent photos of the felt. Focusing seems to be way off.

As for the new project – well, the knitting gods are having a really good laugh at my expense. They don’t need to – I know I wasn’t supposed to be casting anything on – but I wanted to knit and I knew that the light was too poor to start picking up sock gusset stitches (Mr Plumbum’s Grreen and Grrowlly Socks) or knitting fancy lace in dark colours (Swallowtail Shawl). I cast around for something non-taxing and found the Lace Ribbon Scarf in Knitty Spring ’08. I rummaged in the stash box for something appropriate and came up with the remaining Hipknits Cashmere Sock. Bingo! I decided to ball the yarn quickly before tea.

Ho. Ho. HO!

antidotethb Those knitting gods made me pay penance for my knitty sins alright. TWO HOURS later, I finally untangled that skein. I cast on. It went well. It’s a fast knit, despite small needles (3.25mm). It’s not a priority project – it’s just for times when I want something fast and easy and non-fiddly/non-brain-challenging to do. It really fitted the bill last night.

Fire-FeltthbAs for the felt? I think the photograph of the Fire piece came out reasonably alright but I am definitely going to have to keep trying with the others.