The Knitting Curse

I have developed what may be the ultimate knitter’s curse: Tinking Mohair! Well, OK, it does sound a little Captain Haddock-ish, but any knitter worth their knitter’s salt must empathise when they hear that phrase uttered by a peer in pain.

Dragon Scale Mitts WIPNo, the Custard Mitts are not going particularly well. And I still hate mohair. So there!

Everything was fine until I formed the thumb and carried on. Suddenly I was two stitches short and, being mohair, it was impossible to spot the error without tinking and counting the stitches back. I burned the lunch. That’s fine, I guess, these mitts are for the fire theme…

Anyroadup. Here’s a pic from this morning. This mitt is now cast off, with just the thumb needling picking up and finishing and I will do that after we have been out to the library van. Just having a well-earned coffee first.