The ins and outs of it (December Reflections 13)

Today’s December Reflections prompt is: Five things about me

Please bear with me. Alcohol has been partaken. None of this may make sense. I will keep it brief.

Injustice. I have a strong sense of injustice. Nothing makes me more cross than an injustice. I will fight tooth and nail for the underdog, to defend the wrongly accused. I was forever the scapegoat when I was young and was always being punished for something that I had not done. I think it must stem from that. A normally calm individual, an injustice can transform me into an incoherent hissing and spitting harridan.

Intuition. I have a strong intuition or sixth sense or whatever you care to call it. No longer as strong as it was in my teens and twenties but sometimes I can still scare myself with how I just know things. In the past it has exhibited itself with odd happenings such as going to answer the door before a knock or the telephone before it rings… already knowing who is there. When I was twelve I told my twin that our parents had been in an accident. She told me not to be so stupid but later they came home with a policeman… my mother had driven the car into a lorry. There have been many such incidents in my life but the last strong event that I can recall was when I was forty and knew with no doubt that my first grandchild had been born.

Instict. I have learned to listen to my instincts and to trust my gut feeling. I have long lived by the mantra: if it feels wrong, don’t do it. I am more wary of the "feels right" feeling, which cannot always be trusted.

Inhibition. I have many inhibitions and have missed out on much of my potential and many possible relationships because of that.

Interrogatives and Information. I have often thought that when I die my headstone will read "But why?". I am incorrigibly curious. It has never been enough for something just to be so and I have always asked "Why?" This got me into much hot water as a child, being considered to be cheek or answering back. I just have a need to know, a reason, and will always ask for the information that I seek. Information has been my lifeblood. I cannot function without Information and it seems no surprise that I ended up with a couple of simultaneous careers in Information Technology!

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