The Holiday Hit List



So much for finishing Flukra off this weekend – I managed all of half a row. I hate this time of year, when routine is so disrupted. Looking forward to normality being returned to me on 2nd January.

ALL the commissions are completed, bar a hat to be made for February. The bed socks do not make me happy, but they are done. I plan not to charge for the knitting of them — I’m just not happy with the execution.

So – we know that I want to finish Flukra. What else is on the cards for this holiday period? I have been reviewing my Ravelry projects and I think I’m going to be slightly disciplined, and not very ambitious. So, it’s:

  • Flukra
  • Silk Road Socks June) Joshaqans
  • Silk Road Socks (July) Senneh

Flukra is barely into Chart B, so there is a long way to go yet. The Joshaqans, IIRC, are at the point of splitting out the heel on the second sock – Sennneh needs a whole second sock making.

To be honest, much depends on the available light – I may be  driven to knitting plain stuff as lace and cables can present problems in mid-winter light. I think the hexapuffs may begin soon 🙂 Even as I was writing this, the  postie delivered the polyester filling for them… it’s Kismet, you know.

It would be good to add some squares to the  ferry blanket too, but I find it difficult to choose the colours in poor light and find I prefer  knitting on it in the summer. So much of the pleasure in that blanket is in “painting” the colours across its face. At least with the hexapuffs I can defer arrangement until it is completed.

I certainly want to lean in the direction of UFO completion for a while. If nothing else, I need the space liberating! I’m looking at the heap and the projects shouting loudest seem to be:

  • my Jubilee cardigan
  • the Frosted Ferns doiley
  • the Pi blanket

…not necessarily in that order. I may need the cardigan on my back,  but I am most likely to want to finish the doiley.

Clamouring from the queue, and likely to be cast on in a moment of weakness:

  • Windswept Shawl
  • Hosta scarf

What I need to be knitting:

  • Fingerless mittens – lots  of ’em!
  • thick socks – again, several pairs at least

I need a project to take to town this week. I know from experience that Joshaqans do  not sail well and that Senneh fares little better as a sailor. Flukra would be plain silly! You know what this means, don’t you? Three DPNs and a ball of sock wool, heading in the direction of Kirkwall, along with a small piece of polyester filling.

I also need simple knitting while we are puzzling. The Logica Armchair Treasure Hunt will take up much of our time over the holiday period – we have already had two nights working on it. We are making progress, but no theme is apparent yet. (If anybody wants to join in, please do – it’s fun and challenging. There’s nothing to win unless we have a Logica captain, which we do not…)

Right – I need to go and  busy myself. I’m going to act like a housewife today – there is much to be done. Lunch will be a quick cauliflower cheese (with bacon and new potatoes) – I am hoping to achieve much today and then reward myself with a few rows of lace this evening. Housework does not come naturally to me. In fact, it’s a trial and a tribulation. Not only that, it seems a wholly pointless trial to me.  I need a carrot and a stick to  get me going – especially at this time of year when all my senses tell me that I should still be in my cave, curled up by the fire and waiting for the sun to greet the day. Humankind was not made to rise before the sun. It’s unnatural – and my body keeps on reminding me of this fact. I may be vertical these  mornings, but I am certainly not awake! I’m not at all sure how I  got the rubbish to the gate this morning…

Never mind, the solstice is imminent and the sun returns — and then life and energy flow back into these old bones.

I can’t wait.

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