The Goddess has got the needle

Needle trauma abounds.

The Trauma

I took my knitting out last night and laid it in orderly fashion across a trestle table. I can account for two sets of 7″ metal DPNs, one set of 7″ cheapie bamboos, and one set of 5″ Clover bamboos. One set of Clovers lost.

No problem, they’ll turn up,” I thought, and “maybe I’ll cast on the pink cashmere for mitts while I wait for the needles to reappear” So I popped my pink skein onto a set of chair legs and got winding. Oh, what very gorgeous stuff. Can’t wait to knit it. Only I can’t just yet. The pattern that I want to knit calls for two sets of 2.75mm circular needles. I had been planning to use DPNs but, now that I look at the pattern properly, I see the rationale, and the need, for the two sets of circs. I don’t have them, of course.

No problem, eBay to the rescue” I thought, and “perhaps I’ll cast on the bamboo yarn for a nice Fountain Hat instead.” That only takes one circular, of course. Only… SpinningGill loaned me her needle gauge and I can now confirm that my (USAnian) set of interchangeable circs does not contain the required 3.5mm set of points. It has 3.25mm and 3.75mm, but no 3.5mm.

B*gg*r !

The Denial

I must be in denial because this morning I upended another chair and wound the bamboo skein off. That too is very nice stuff.

The Defiance

Is this the Knitting Goddess’s way of informing me that I need to complete some active projects instead of casting on?

If it is, I consider it to be highly unfair and downright mean of her.

I am ignoring her of course, and am in dialogue with an eBay seller who has a set of very short 2.75mm circulars, to see if she can furnish me with two sets so that together we may beat the Knitting Goddess into submission. Failing that, I’ll knit the Fountain Hat on 3.75mm needles[1], because I have a big head. Oh yes, you heard it here first…

The Antidote

In amongst all this, I must report minimal progress on The Antidote, which seems to be stalling at around the two thirds stage.

The Footnote

[1] entirely foolish, as the yarn is a very lightweight sock yarn and would be better on the smaller size but then I’d have to do the maths and I don’t do sums.