The Final Skirt (for now)

Having been busy with the December Reflections I find that I completely forgot to document the final skirt. Except it isn’t the final skirt and I have five more en route, though they are as yet still in New Jersey and the impatience is killing me.

Here we go… this final (for now) skirt is something rather special.


For me, this skirt has a very Late Fifties/Early Sixties vibe. A Friday Night down at the Palais de Danse. Lining up to dance The Madison in white stiletto heels. I see it with stiff net petticoats under and a button-up cardigan, pearl buttons, probably in white angora on top. Bouffant hairdo, pale blue eyeshadow and eyeliner to complete the look! It really seems to me that this is a dressy skirt and does beg for the high heels that I cannot wear, so this one may not be a keeper.

I love both sides but really don’t think that they go together very well.

The top layer is quite light and filmy but not transparent. It has many colours in it and I thought that it might go with virtually anything. It turns out that it doesn’t quite go with anything at all. Of course.

It has a waistband/ties that are not pieced but all from the skirt fabric. matchy, matchy!

The underskirt is heavier and has a rippled texture that adds some crispness. The braid is really stiff. Perhaps this is what brings to mind the net petticoats, stiffened with sugar water, of my youth.

It’s going to need a belt – the front fabric does not enhance the underskirt at all

The long side is very wearable in terms of colour. It has a beige background with a pattern in teal, lavender grey and old gold. Quite lovely. The braid sections bother me. I’m not sure how they will feel when the skirt is worn. It’s possible to see in the images the tension between the braid and the skirt fabric.

Wardrobe options are minimal but really quite complementary in colour – and I finally found a skirt that pairs with my lovely ivy green silk shirt. Result.

Not worn this skirt yet. I have been keeping it for “special” and plan to wear it for Mr L’s birthday dinner. I am hoping my Snags will have arrived in time and am thinking that the Rose Pink silk shirt, with the Beach Bum opaque tights and my Pewter pumps might just be the knockout look that I am seeking.

The Slate tights are going to look great with the long layer, I think. They look as though they will match perfectly with the grey in the print.

That’s it then, no more “boring skirt stuff” for a while. Except maybe a glamour shot from Birthday Dinner?

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