The Domestic Scene

First of all, let me say that the knitting plan is foundering already. This is entirely due to the power cut that we suffered on Friday evening. Well, maybe a little to do with the migraine as well. I got no knitting done all day on Friday and was intending to pick up my work after tea. This was precisely the point at which the lights went out.

We wondered what to do with ourselves then decided to ring the power co to find out how long they were expecting us to be off.  They told us they expected power to be returned by 10 pm and this we took as a sign to repair to the warmth and comfort of the duvet. We took the laptop with us and watched some Star Trek (now into Season 3) and were entirely surprised when the lights came back on about 8pm. It wasn’t worth getting back out of bed again at that point, and Antalya is a little difficult to cope with in bed (large chart) so we printed off a Guardian crossword and did that while listening to Internet radio (Folk Radio UK)

I did do some Antalya yesterday afternoon and have about 6 and a half repeats done. There is no way that it will be done by tonight as I have yet to pick it up — it has been a busy day.

The chooks are giving us 4 or 5 eggs a day now, and several have been of a useful size. I had 20 eggs on a tray yesterday and we decided it was time to use some up. So today I:

  • cooked five for breakfast – two poached for Mr L on Marmite toast and three tiny ones as eggy bread with mushrooms, for me
  • made mayonaisse with three yolks
  • put five more eggs into a caramel custard

Mr L brewed up some beer (Colne Valley Bitter) while I made some wholemeal bread (proving at the moment) and the mayo, with which we plan to make ham and egg mayo sarnies for tea. The crème caramel is for pudding.

There will be mayo left over for a potato salad early in the next week. What to have with it?

I’ve three egg whites sitting in the kitchen. Can’t make meringues as I got a spot of yolk in them. I have no coconut or ground almonds for macaroons, so what shall I do with them — any ideas?

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