Skein not yet washed.


I really am not at all keen on this stuff. I liked it in the batt. But not on the bobbin and certainly not in the skein. The lovely green that I liked so much has all but vanished, and the rich glowing tan has flattened and gone dusty and uninteresting. And I just loathe the sickly banana shade that the yellow but has turned out to be. Worst of all, is the way that the nasty yellow dominates the skein…

Ick, ick, ick!

So far today I have been unable to find the will to finish the spin. I should do so – then I can be rid of it and on to something more attractive.

But whatever shall I do with it? Give it away? Over-dye it? Bin it? Make a scarf?

Would you want it? Aha. No. I thought not!

The Cash and Burn socks are faring better and the second gusset is completed. I just have to rocket along the foot now, and shape the toe and I am done with them. I am in the mood for a rash of finishing-off efforts. Next? Um. Maybe those damn Grrreen and Grrrowllies. Maybe not.