The Dairy Fiend

Treacle is taking things easy today – he had a busy night.

Regular readers will know of Treacle’s dairy disposition. I have oft mentioned his ability to sniff out the opening of a dairy product from one end of our rambling house to the other. I wrote a Haiku of sorts about this tendency when he was just a wee lad:

Sour cream dip –
white whiskers decorate
black kitten

I took this photograph of him at around the same time

My, he was an ugly kitty – small wonder nobody wanted him. It took softies like us to look beneath the surface and see his… qualities. Sigh.

He has grown somewhat in the intervening years, but he remains a fiend and he has retained his interest in any or all milk-based products.

Mr L brought me a morning cuppa to my bedside today. He remarked that he had a lot of work to do this morning and it was all his own fault. There was cat sick everywhere, he said. A terrible mess. So, why was it his own fault…

People Who Know will tell you that cats are not like dogs. Dogs are greedy but cats do not overeat. Cats have a limiter and they stop eating once that have had sufficient for their needs.

I do not know what happened when Treacle was made but he certainly lacks the limiting mechanism. He is a PIG. We have to keep anything remotely enticing under lock down. The moment he gets into the utility room he is head first into the food hoppers and pigs out until he chucks up everywhere. And I mean everywhere. He rambles about the house, moaning a terrible moan, and projectile vomiting. I have followed him round the house with a  blue paper roll on many occasions and have had to clean up as many as 14 piles of vomit in one session. I swear that he gorges himself until he is filled to the top of his neck!

Yesterday I had stewed some fresh apricots and at tea time Mr L decided he fancied them with some ice cream. He took the tub of  ice cream from the freezer and tested it (we don’t eat the stuff very often – preferring home made), pronouncing it stale and horrible. So we didn’t have pudding…

I left Mr L stacking the dishwasher and returned to my test knit mitts.

It seems that he failed to dispose of half a 2 litre tub of ice cream and left it on the kitchen table overnight, with entirely predictable results. This morning the tub had been tipped over, thawed ice cream had run across the table and onto the floor, and Treacle has clearly had a field day (or night) of it.

All I can say is that it is a good job that I love the both of them. 🙂

In case you are worried (as I was) – Veterinary attention appears to be unnecessary and Treacle is fine. He scoffed his breakfast and went out for a little vole hunt earlier. He is now languishing in the sun in the conservatory.

As for the test knit mitts – they tested my patience a little last evening and have failed to make satisfactory progress. I forgot the Golden Rule of Test Knittingselect a yarn that is amenable to frogging. I was following an early version of the pattern that was not working out. I tinked back and found it hard going, due to the splitty yarn being full of ill-formed stitches and having stray loops knitted in all over the place. Now that I have the correct instructions, things are going better –  but I found the thumb increases very difficult as this yarn is inelastic and I am knitting it at a very close gauge. The Make 1 Left Purlwise increases are a particular challenge! I fear for my wooden needle tips, I really do…

Still, it could be worse. Treacle might have vomited on them.

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