The Brits on Holiday

Easter is the DIY weekend of the year, apparently. A&E departments across the nation are inundated with self-inflicted casualties. I hope that does not prove to be the case here.

So, jetting off to warmer climes? No. Going off in the campervan? Not us. Oh, no. It’s hammer and drill time.

Something Different 2015-092


It is, as we assumed would be the case, not going according to Plan. Everything takes longer than expected. Everything is more complex or challenging than it ought to be. The Bodgers have been in at some time.

We began by removing a section of the splashback tiles. They didn’t want to come off. They were stuck on so thoroughly that they brought great chunks of plasterboard with them.

Then it was time to rationalise and tidy the electrics.

wiring-358Firstly, the electric cooker point needed removing. There was an alarming lack of security in the wire fixing inside. A miracle that I have never been electrocuted. Then we had to figure out the abundance of wires associated with the  defunct Rayburn, the long-gone back boiler, central heating pump and hot water cylinder. In short, Mr L had to get to grips with The Mysterious Electrical Spaghetti In The Airing Cupboard.

Once we had identified which wire served what purpose he was able to remove the extraneous material and feed in new wires for the Aga – though it must be said that it was all done with the greatest of difficulty.

Much tidier already
Much tidier already


It’s all looking better already but it did take an inordinate amount of time and work on the wall frame has only just begun.

Only… we can’t find a plumb bob.

I have been reduced to DIY Blipping:

EDIT of untitled shoot-360-360_564 of 1

It can only get worse.

(I wish it was all over)



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  1. spinninggill
    April 3, 2015

    If you still need a plumb bob and line, we have one. 🙂

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