The Best, or The Rest?

I have had a good look at the list of “the most influential blogs in the UK and Irish blogospheres” – which I mentioned yesterday. I truly have no idea how we ended up in it – but I am far more astounded by the obvious omissions from the list. Where is Ysolda Teague ( or Kate Davies ( or Liz Lovick ( Genuinely influential knitters, all – and keepers of truly interesting blogs. Just three names off the top of my head – and if they at least are not on the list, then the list has absolutely no meaning.

I’m going to see if there is a way  of submitting recommendations to Wikio and see if I can  put this matter right. I’ll add Natalie ( while I am at it!

Who have I missed? let me know, or go and add them yourself. Let’s get a proper knitters’ resource together  for the UK.