The Anniversary Waltz

Here we are again, eleven years in this time. Happy Anniversary, my dear Mr L. It seems but yesterday that we were shivering in the Bratfud snow.

Shopping has been effected – just about everyone on the island seemed to be out and about today and things were very light-hearted and jolly. Our newest commercial venture provided mushrooms and fresh cream to order. FRESH double LOCAL cream! (and only £1.20) We got two. Don’t tell Dr Murray. I’ll be good after tonight is over, truly I shall, but tonight I shall be positively, joyfully, awful – the Community Shop yielded a bottle of Remy Martin…

My back is giving me some grief today but I am struggling through. I may skip the Anniversary Waltz in the sitting room later.

Chocolate fondants have been prepared, fillet steaks are marinading in seasoned oil and the veg are freshening in a bowl of cold water.  A bottle of bubbly is being chilled alongside  the Muscatel dessert wine.  We’re good to go.

Le Me ‘n’ You:

Baked breaded Camembert sitting on a croûte, with salad garnish and caramelised onion chutney

Fillet steak, baby new potatoes, parsnip and fennel purée, mange tout and a mushroom brandy peppercorn type sauce (maybe) (possibly mushrooms plus a red wine jus)

Chocolate fondants – probably with the remaining amaretto apricots and vanilla ice cream left from Mr L’s birthday dinner.


See you on the other side.

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