That’s the way of it

I had set this morning aside f or stash recording. The plan was to log all my skeins and balls, and to ensure that I had photos of everything. I was going to bring my Ravelry stash up to date and write my Stash Record page for WOOL|gathered.

What happened? We woke to a dull and gloomy day, with no light for photos. Job deferred. It has been raining and almost all the snow is gone – just a few white streaks left here and there.

It’s curry day, and Mr L will be making Pork Vindaloo. I am in charge of a Saag dish to accompany the pork, and will probably make chapatis and a relish as well. We have no beer to wash the curry down with. Yes. Let’s take in the full enormity of that statement:

We Have No Beer.

Curry… and No Beer.

What happened? We haven’t been to Kirkwall since before New Year and stocks of everything are running low. Mr L couldn’t book on the ferry last week for this Friday, it was full. He tried for Thursday, and he couldn’t book on that boat either. So shopping is deferred until this coming Friday and we are scraping the bottoms of many barrels.

Anyway, I digress. As Mr L will be in the kitchen cooking my dinner, I shall keep him company from the sitting room – where I shall be trying to skein my cone of 4ply, the logistics of which process are still defeating me somewhat (but not as much as the logistics of washing and drying the skeins will!)

Also on today’s agenda is the measuring of Mr L’s favourite sweater (currently off his back and in the laundry bin) to inform the making of his new one and then…. I am going to cast the bugger on. I am. Swelp me if I don’t get it started today!

Yes, it has languished long but, let’s face it, I have to knit his before I can begin on mine – and I really want to make a start on mine!

Also in knitty news – the cashmere mitts are back in the frame and I am making (slow) progress up the second one. They are quite easy to knit with a sore arm. The pink Swallowtail is on hold for a few days, as is the Cascading Leaves shawl. The boring socks just plod along in odd moments. Mostly there is too much stuff waiting to be done, to allow much of any knitting at all.

Much of my weekend will be spent in writing shopping lists and tidying freezers etc. I also have to cut Mr L’s hair and plan cake for spinning, which is here again this week. SpinningGill says I have to go to Craft Club on Monday, though I feel very much at the moment that I hate going out and would far rather be at home with my mate, than out and about socialising. You know, I’d just rather have a cuddle than get in the car and fire the engine up. (Well, who wouldn’t?) I think I am returning to my hermit-like ways…

The great good news is that the trip to the office has been deferred and Mr L will not be going away next week after all. This is good news for me, better news for him. I admit I had quite geared myself up to using my time profitably while he was gone – being freed from cooking his lunch etc. every day just makes a whole mass of time available to me. But it’s nice to have him to cuddle up to at night, so I am pleased he’s not going, even though my WIPs won’t be concluded 😉


  1. SpinningGill
    February 14, 2009

    Would you like a lift to Craft Club? 🙂 (If I go, I’m assuming that I am for the moment.)

    • February 16, 2009

      @SpinningGill, LOL. Thanks. It’s not the car that’s the problem – it’s just the lack of desire to be out and about. Of course, collecting me is one way of ensuring that I get there… but I’ll be fine, thanks. It makes no sense for you to come the long way around.

  2. February 18, 2009

    Lack of beer is a dire situation indeed. No wonder your equilibrium is suffering and you have no desire to go out. Hopefully both problems will be resolved eventually.

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