That was the year that was. It’s over

I don’t believe that I have ever conducted a review of the year just gone. This is a First for me and come to think on it, 2014 itself held more than a few Firsts of it’s own.

2014 was the year in which I:

  • Entered my 62nd year on this planet
  • Baked my first bagels
  • Completed (apparently) eleven knitting projects
  • Received my first pension payment
  • Beat (finally), with the aid of the very wonderful Jay Wragg, my fear of The Dentist
  • Crossed the water  and left Orkney behind me for the first time since I arrived here in 2006
  • Undertook to lose significant weight (and reduced my BMI by 1.7)
  • Made my first Maple Pecan Pie
  • Celebrated my 12th wedding anniversary in my current (and hopefully, last)  relationship

So much more too but I lack the time to check the facts.

It was the year that the Rayburn came out and two became one, in the kitchen sense that is.

It was the year that Brunhilde joined us and we began to think seriously about work/life balance and future health and well-being; the year we acquired a treadmill; the year that Mr L entered his pre-retirement phase and cut work back to 4 days a week. A year of reduced income levels…

It was also the year in which Mr L, after 56 years, gave up biting his nails. And I didn’t even notice. Shame on me. And well done, that man – I am proud of you!

2015 looks like it will prove to be a significant year too, with several major changes.

You know what? I’m glad that I haven’t yet stopped learning and growing. I may be pensionable but I’m not yet stagnant.


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  1. January 4, 2015

    You’ve got me beat: I managed ten knitting projects this year. I drafted a review post last week, so when I get round to putting the links in and posting it, I’m not shamelessly copying you, honest.

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