That old addiction

It is entirely possible that I have overdone the MOOC registrations this week.  All that I really intended to do was to change my registrations on the courses that I failed to get to grips with – having signed up with good intentions, the winter robbed me of my energies and I simply never checked in. My plan was, having received a reminder about the Photography course that began yesterday, I would tidy up and rationalise and keep myself to one topic at a time.

Of course, when I logged in to review the situation at FutureLearn, I was carried away by some new and exciting offerings. I managed to resist introductory Dutch language lessons (no plans to go back to ‘Dam just yet, it can wait) but now I find that I am registered for seven FutureLearn courses in addition to the current one. There’s the Coursera guitar course at Berklee, of which I tucked just one week under my belt then lost interest (but I will go again) and then today I added a new Coursera course from MOMA – Seeing Through Photography.

Commercial Photography is a short 4 week course of 3 hrs per week, finishing on the 13th March so the next one up, Logical & Critical Thinking, which begins on the 29th of February, is not going to be much of a clash. It takes 4 hrs a week for 8 weeks, completing on 24th April. Start Writing Fiction however starts on the 4th April, taking 3 hours for 8 weeks.

Keeping up? I hope so because now things get a little hairy…

Hans Christian Andersen’s Fairy tales and What is a Mind? both begin on the 18th April, whilst the Thinking and Writing courses are still going and then… The Mind is Flat starts the following week.

Hang on, we need a Gantt Chart.


OK, here we go, click for bigness


I shall need some time management skills in April and May I think!

Is it sad to admit to how much all of this excites me? Is learning an addiction? I confess that I find it hard to comprehend people who do not share this love of learning and shy away from the new and the exciting. I think that I personally would curl up and die if I had not the opportunity for personal growth. I’d be mentally pot bound. Not a good thing at all. I’ll tell you what if I come down with Alzheimer’s after all this flexing of my grey matter, and they don’t – well, I’ll be most put out.

Started a new blog today. Not really a blog, but just a place to put some scribbles. I’m trying to get back into the swing of writing before…  erm… (pauses to consult Gantt Chart) the 18th April.


  1. February 17, 2016

    Every time you post about these courses I get all excited and want to sign up to them all, (well most of them). Then I remember that I have a long list of things I want to achieve based on the things I already know how to do. Plus I have plenty of training input and challenge from my job.
    Enjoy! I’m seriously tempted by the maths puzzles one.

    • February 19, 2016

      I know – it’s all very infectious, isn’t it? Do do the maths one – it’s bound to help with puzzle hunts. It’s only 2 hrs for 3 weeks. Unfortunately it happens at the same time as MUMS ! 9th May. Diary date.

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