Tell it on a Tuesday: Simply Topping

Show and Tell day today and I have to confess to some shopping…

I was looking around the other day for some good value yarn for a project that I will tell a little more about on Wednesday, but here is a sneak preview:

2ply Jumper Yarn (shade 124) £1.06 a ball

It is two ply, jumper yarn (knits as 4ply) from Jamieson & Smith in Lerwick.  The colour is rather nicer than I managed to show in this photograph.

But that yarn is not today’s show and tell… this is what I have to show you:

It was a bit of a job to get all this lot in shot

While I was at the Jamieson & Smith website I discovered that they sell tops and that they sell them at a very attractive price!  Not only that, they offer sample packs.  What is a girl to do?  Of course — get a hold of those samples!

The natural pack consists of 25g each of five different colours and costs a paltry £3.58.

All natural goodness

The dyed pack weighs 350 g and has samples of 14 colours — it will set you back a whole £7.50.

Some shades are clearly nicer than others

The blended colours appeal to me more than the flat ones.

That is the show part, should I now tell you what I plan to do with them?  That is a bit difficult, because I had no plan in mind when I bought them.  I may spin some of them for weaving practice but I have a little something special in mind for the natural colours, and I think I shall be felting with them.

(For future reference — for mine as much as yours — the naturals sell at £7.66 for 500g and the colours are £6 for 250g or £20 for a kilo.)