I am not enjoying today so far. It is cold and miserable and I am doing boring stuff.

Been through the freezer, identifying what I can use up before we go and what might come along with us. So far I have the prospect of very little waste – that’s good.

As part of the larger process I have constructed menus for the remainder of the time until we depart and for the first four days on the road. I should be able to pack a few extra items with which to magic up meals should we land somewhere to find shops or restaurants unexpectedly closed. It happens. It happens a lot, actually. Be Prepared is my watchword. Unfortunately the new van doesn’t offer much space for packing such items.

The final task in this process chain was the construction of two shopping lists – one for immediate use and another for “on the way.”

Told you – all very boring but I suppose, necessary. I’d rather be tackling those sock heels.

Urgency is ramping up now and I am like a bunny in the headlights when considering everything that I need to do…

Today was supposed to be warm and dry and we had hoped to begin sorting out the van. I am no longer enthused.

I am now going to clean cameras and charge batteries. I can allocate this to “Travel Preparation Tasks” and feel like I am doing something potentially useful. Well, marginally so at least 🙂

Later today I think that I need to continue setting up my mobile devices to cope with recording our travels and sharing them. I am feeling a little lost in a welter of details but believe that I can blame this on sitting up until 4am the night before last. As ever, I was pretty good yesterday but am feeling terrible today. Past history suggests that I shall still be in a slump tomorrow.

ETA: cameras not done but van started on – basic stuff such as making up the bed and ensuring we have a proper array of drinking vessels…

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