Tales of the unexpected

My dearly beloved has given me a birthday card today. I think that is the first time in ten years that he has bought me a birthday card. He’s also taking me out to dinner this evening! I am reeling from this unexpected attention. It’s O.K. though, he hasn’t bought me a present – so I don’t have to begin worrying about what he may be feeling guilty about 🙂

I bought my own present, which T the relief postie has just delivered. We thought there was no post coming today and Mr L had let the dogs out. T doesn’t like dogs. We apologised… they were a bit scary and loud. Anyway… I am now the proud owner of a pair of sock blockers. Yay!

Wooden sock blockers
Wooden sock blockers

Which means that I can now block my socks into shape,

Good for shaping socks
Good for shaping socks

and also take more effective FO shots.

Even better for showing off lace patterns
Even better for showing off lace patterns

The Laeticias look much better like this, do they not?

Now all I need to do is sort out my photo skills and achieve a better and more consistent colour reproduction!

These sock blockers came from eBay seller mrb02 (Wightwood Sock Blockers ) They are £12.99 and come in sizes XS, S, M, and L. I got M – “Medium- fits Ladies sizes 7.5-10” I have UK Ladies size 7 feet. The Laeticias are quiet a skimpy fit on me, and fit the blockers nicely. The Francie socks that I am presently knitting are a bit too large for me, and rather a lot too big for the blockers. I plan to get a set of large blockers, for Mr L’s socks (he’s a men’s size 10). That should cover all bases.

As we  are dining out tonight, I don’t need to cook a main meal at lunchtime. I seem to have some time on my hands. Sadly, I shall use it up by going to the shop in search of a light bite for lunch…


  1. June 11, 2009

    WOW! What lovely photos and fab socks! Thank you so much for this link to our shop. We’ve got a website now at http://www.sockblockers.co.uk. I can offer free postage to any of your readers if they mention your site.
    The blockers really do make a difference to the pattern in the photos, don’t they….. Best wishes, Nick Carter- wightwood sock blockers

  2. June 11, 2009

    Thank you- your photos will be really useful. Those smooshypu socks are lush! Nick

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