Swallowtail flying

Is it time for a photo? I am not sure – there isn’t much to see at this stage.

Rainbow Swallowtail Shawl WIP 1

What stage? Well, I just passed the halfway point. The first Lily of the Valley chart is completed, with 113 rows knitted so far and 26 rows to go. I have 219 stitches (or I hope that I have – I haven’t checked yet!) on the needles and the needles are now a little too short for comfort. This is a problem, since I lent my longer 6mm needles out. I have come close to the end of the first ball of yarn, and rewound the second ready to join it on. Work is progressing far more slowly now and my unstated aim of finishing this shawl by the weekend looks to be unachievable. That’s a shame because it would have looked nice on display at the craft fair this weekend…

… the craft fair that I have not yet organised myself for.


Rainbow Swallowtail at Ravelry