Sunday Sun

It is a lovely day today and I would dearly love to be out and about with boots on, dogs and camera… but Mr L is having one more go at fitting that light next door and I have spent the last considerable time being shouted at from above and switching lights on and off while he traces wires. Apparently I need to remain on hand for further switch duties, so I shall fill in the time by making cake for Wednesday.

We need candles for the cake this week, as it is Spinning Gill’s birthday today. Happy Birthday, Gill. Sorry it is a boring old gingerbread.

[… brief hiatus …]

Well, that was interesting. After pulling the fuse for the lighting circuit, the RCB tripped when the wire was cut. All the power at this end of the house went off, but the old house was OK. The UPS powered my pooter down, so I got the cake in the oven.

The light is now up and working and I foresee much more use being made of the room next door now. I am already having to fight for my table space with the railway modeller in the house — my wheel is permanently parked in the hallway now! Things can only get worse now that I have good lighting.

I am going to do something that is somewhat uncharacteristic now, I may reveal all on Wednesday. Right now, I’m going in without a parachute… into the UFO pile. That is, after I have researched what to do about my hen-pecked cockerel. He’s sporting an injury to his formerly magnificent comb.

Knitting progress: the Gördes sock is ready for a heel flap

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