Stuffing mushrooms and other considerations

For much of my life I have maintained that life is far too short to knit doilies. Now that I have knit two of them, I confess myself an addict. I have reached the stage where I believe that I would happily knit nothing other than cotton lace.

Having made my plan for continuing the reduction of the UFO plan whilst making headway on next year’s Show entries – and as a result of this process, targeted a shawl as the number one priority… my eye keeps wandering over to my unfinished Hannelore and my heart reaches out to  it. Hannelore is what I want to be knitting… or maybe not…

On Monday night I spent a considerable time trying to get to grips with Crochet cotton sizings, and brands and qualities and I actually purchased three different lots. Patterns were consulted and plans that have nothing to do with logic, need or reality inserted themselves into my head. I was actually seeking a small doily that would make a second entry beside my Hannelore come next year. Only I began looking at tablecloths!

I did  manage to pull myself back from the edge but I have ended up lining up a 57cm diameter doily of considerable intricacy and i know… I just know that when the cotton arrives, I shall want to cast on within minutes of tearing the package open! So, really, should I not prioritise Hannelore and have her finished before the new one is started? Go on, say “yes” – you know I want you to 🙂

At spinning yesterday one of the ladies enquired “whatever do you do with all those doilies when you have knit them?” Well… um… nothing. Mind you, I have only made 2 so far. I don’t know anyone who would appreciate a gift of one – they’re not really right for the 21st Century home, are they? I just use them as photo props, I’m afraid.

The Cockleshell Matinee jacket is going to live at The Croft. Perhaps the doilies could go there too. Also yesterday: the Capucine hat, the Red Emperor Scarf and the Rainstorm Shawl all went to new homes. The ladies would not permit me to give away the Rainstorm and insisted on all paying into a raffle, which was won by EC. I immediately countered by giving her the raffle money for the Ladies Lifeboat Fund. Sometimes it is difficult to persuade people that the pleasure for me is in the making of these things and not in having the finished object. I mostly knit for the actual Process or, more often the Challenge and rarely because I want something to wear. I have more hats, shawls and  scarves than I could ever possibly use. It’s a delight to me to see another person enjoying the fruit of my labour.

Would anybody like a cotton lace tablecloth? I’d be happy to make it for you 🙂


  1. spinninggill
    August 7, 2014

    Yes! 🙂

  2. spinninggill
    August 7, 2014

    ok, I’ll bite (the mushrooms). Where are they?

  3. August 7, 2014

    Tsk! Shirley Conran’s fampus quotation: “Life’s too short to stuff a mushroom”. I disagree and love a stuffed mushroom.

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