I  haven’t posted yet today, have I? It has been a very strange day, all things considered. Everything seems upside down.

Blipfoto went into Liquidation and much of my day has been tied up in  finding ways of preserving my entries. I have signed up to 365Project and will mirror post there for as long as the Blipfoto site remains up. Should the good ship go down, well I’ll see how I feel about continuing at the new site. In the meantime I am backdating posts at 365.

A Blip user has come up with a WordPress plugin for importing posts and images from Blip to WordPress. I am having some tech difficulties with this task so if anything appears weird, I do apologise. I shall get things in order eventually. There is a new Author on this site, Runestone, and I am attributing the imported posts from my main Blipfoto account to her. I am also adding a new Category for those posts. That should enable a clear separation of content. There will be is now another Author and a further Category for my secondary Blipfoto account.

I shan’t be making rapid progress on any of this, especially as I have to go to town tomorrow. We are taking Treacle back to the vet and we think it will be the one-way trip. Not 100% certain on that at this point but there is a strong likelihood.

Am at a bit of a low ebb. Forgive me if I don’t feel too chatty.

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  1. spinninggill
    March 16, 2015

    Bummer. Thinking of you. xx

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