Still AWOL


  • still struggling with a sore appendage
  • now also struggling with a lumpy sore throat and temperature
  • but unable to leave the knitting strictly alone
  • though successful at not spinning for a while
  • Sky and Water II on the move again (slowly) (25%)
  • Ultimate Temptation going well (30%)
  • Tumult of Waves stalled while I make a colour decision at the approximately half-way point
  • Merope socks completed and blocked
  • Baby Surprise Jacket cast on

Everything going slowly, as I knit-and-rest at sensible intervals.

Much time also taken up with fixing car and preparing the Sherpa for removal. Yay – it’s going! Today, if loading it on the trailer goes well. Thereafter I shall be expending energy on my new piece of garden. I need plants, cuttings, and pots – but I have no money.

It’s Open Gardens day today on the island. I had hoped to go around and see if there were any cuttings for sale but we have a busy day, delivering the van to its new owner (plus, it’s cold and windy and I feel unwell.)

EDIT: The van is on the trailer, my stress levels are through the roof. We have now to secure the van, figure out how to couple up the trailer to the car with all that weight on it, and also how to get some air into the trailer tyres (we forgot to do it earlier.)

I wish Mr L had arranged some help with this project – at least to get hitched up and someone to follow us up the road in case of problems.

I have this lively imagination, see, and I foresee all the potential problems and I stress, stress, stress….