Stash Assessment: Greens

Some time spent in my workroom today yielded a surprising number of green possibilities – many of which I had at the forefront of my mind, but one or two surprises lay in wait as well.

One thing I learned from this exercise is how often I choose blue/green shades and combinations of blue and green. I believe that I love green but somehow rarely choose a purely green yarn or fibre. Perhaps it is the influence of the sea outside my door.

The range of colours leans heavily towards the North-west, I’d say – but we do have a little of the North-East in there as well. There are far too many possibilities to deploy in two short months, so we will revisit this pile on the cusps between Winter/Spring and Autumn/Winter/.

The gamut
The gamut

I had trouble capturing shades properly – these were hurried snapshots in fading light, taken before the rain came over and stole the light right away. The blues on the left are more greenish in a true light.

There are two sock yarns there that are already in use. The large cone is earmarked for my Rivulet cardigan and the skein of lambswool/silk in front of it is representative of a large quantity – currently I am making a pair of fingerless gloves from it, but the bulk is destined to  be a sweater for me.

The big surprise was this gorgeous merino/tencel roving that I had forgotten about.

I fell in love all over again with this wonderful Merno/Tencel roving from Funky Carolina. My fingers are itching to spin it. I think I would like to make a beaded yarn from it.

A variety of sock yarns and cashmeres - cone of yellow-green laceweight silk at right
That roving keeps vying for my attention!
Hogging the limelight, in fact!
From the bluer end - these yarns are all much greener in fact than they appear to be here
Some lovely greens in this mix of blue and green oddments

I have had these oddments of Angora/Lambswool for ages. They came from Orkney Angora and I plan to make stripy socks of them. Maybe a good project for the back end of the year.

Malabrigo in a green so dark, its inky

I will probably kick off PS4 here, with the truest and darkest green that I have to hand. I got this yarn last week in a swap for my leftover Kauni. It will be an Amanda hat by this time next week, I think. The North connection being that it will keep my head warm when the North wind blows. There is some slight possibility that I might make something else of it, perhaps a Celtic Memories bag – it takes 190 – 220 yards. The Malabrigo yields a nominal 216 yards. It’s close. Amanda might be safer.

The other true green - with brown

The next PS4 North knitting project is likely to be with the Trekking Hand Art “Tundra” – this, as we know, is earmarked for the Heather Undulating Scarf project – but I still await a reply from the bead vendor. But I shall have to take time out to spin that roving. It’s called “Ocean Drift” I’d like to spin it under North/Green/Gems/Earth  and maybe knit it later under West/Blue/Glass/Water. For me, it fits happily in either phase.

There has been no mention yet of whether an ATC swap will be happening this time. I enjoyed last year’s very much. If nothing formal happens, I shall still be playing with paper and colour – so there may be oddments independently offered for freebies or swaps on this blog.