Spinning Wednesday

J invited us to spin at her cottage hideaway yesterday, in special honour of F’s birthday. I hadn’t seen the cottage before, and didn’t even know where to find it. I wasn’t even at all sure that I was going to go. Tuesday was a very bad day for me, with a lot of pain in my hips  adding to the trouble with my back.  I took special care on Tuesday evening to relax and keep warm and I dosed myself liberally with an anti-inflammatory and I was rewarded for the effort.

When I got up yesterday I found that the hips were fine and that although I knew that I had hurt my back, I was at least able to stand vertical at last and stop acting like Quasimodo.  I did have the sense that one wrong move would cause the muscle to tense again, so was moving about in a very gingerly fashion and was grateful of M’s offer of a lift. I had a vision of applying the clutch and then finding myself immobilised!

There is room to park only one car at the cottage, with some additional space up the lane. J had asked us to “double up” so M was collecting not just me, but F and R as well. Luckily, M knew where she was going.

The cottage is stunning! It sits right at the edge of the sea, in its little cottage garden full of flowers, and looks as though it fell straight from the pages of Homes Beautiful or something. But then, J’s home is gorgeous too, and she is probably the most stylish individual that I have ever met. The woodburner was well-stoked (and well admired, I can tell you!) and there was chocolate birthday cake.

Eek! after a rotten week, I had completely forgotten it was F’s birthday. Even worse, I didn’t even know that it was a landmark birthday. There were cards and beautifully wrapped presents – and I  had nothing to offer. I decided to hide my confusion in my knitting and that was when I was saved. I had my two finished Aestlight shawls with me! I gave F the grey and blue lambswool and silk one. And felt much better for that!

M had made a handspun Fair Isle pullover for F, in oh-so-many different fleeces in a multitude of browns, whites, creams, greys and black. we ooh-ed and we ah-ed and somebody asked how long it took her to make that.  She replied “ten days.”


The woman is a marvel.

There were other carefully hand-made presents too. R had made an embroidered bag and J a wonderfully personal concertina book, full of photographs she had taken in F’s own garden.

All that, and a bus pass too. Lucky F.

(It was pointed out to me that I shall be next. Thank you for that. But not until 2013, I hasten to add!)

We had a tour of the now almost completed cottage and we discussed plans for Sunday and we had a wonderful time – and I am so pleased that I did go, because it really gave me a lift. A much-needed one.

Last night I built on that and had another evening of careful relaxation and rose late (and very carefully) – despite the odd twinge I seem to be well on the mend. Although not exactly looking forward to tomorrow, I am at least able to view the prospect of a trip to town with a little more equanimity. Hurrah!

(Must not forget to go get needle stuck in me first)