Spinning Wednesday

Spinning was at S1’s place today – in her very accommodating kitchen. Excellent scones were served. S did bring the Icelandic fleece, which was much admired.

Surprisingly, I finished my roving. Really surprisingly; I spun the last piece unconsciously I think, because I thought I still had some left at the point at which I discovered that it was indeed all gone and was in fact quite startled! I actually got through quite a lot of roving rather quickly today, so heaven knows what kind of quality my spinning was. I hope to ply later today, so no doubt the awful truth will be revealed.

I have been quite keen to spin some raw fleece next, but the pull of the new rovings is very strong indeed… really, I am spoiled for choice between several fleeces, some home-dyed and carded fleece, and the luxury stuff. It had been my intention to take the Tussah roving today and enlist help in spinning from the fold, as I think it would be ideal for this little knittyspin project.

Perhaps the thing to do is to spin some raw fleece for this week, and take my Tussah to spinning next week. I can be fondling the luxury rovings in the meantime.

While I was at spinning I decided to make another large Morning Surf wrap, like the Tumult of Waves, but in the new Merino/Silk/Alpaca. There are sufficient neutral shades to make a beach-like complement to my sea wrap. And, lets face it, they are so quick and easy to knit that it is almost instant gratification. I have borrowed SpinningGill’s ball winder, as my Hubby is still in need of restoration. I must needs crack on with the winding so that I can return the winder soon. 600 grams of 2/28NM yarn, off the cones, is going to take a lot of winding!

There is rather less good news on the sock front. I took the sock off the needles and put the stitches on some waste yarn and tried it on the host foot. Definitely too large, especially about the heel area. So large in fact that if I complete it I probably won’t have enough yarn for sock #2. I don’t understand it – I did do the maths.

Even worse… I’ve put my big toe through my favourite Merino socks – the Simply Arizona ones. That means… I am going to have to darn… and as we know – I don’t do needles. I just don’t. I’m so cack-handed. You have no idea how many times I have been slapped about the head for sloppy stitches.


Question – is there any reason why I can’t reinforce toes in the same way that I do heels? An Eye of Partridge toe might be quite fetching. And airy.


The rain has departed temporarily and I actually got some laundry on the line before I went spinning. It has been good to see some blue sky. Nell thinks we should go and play. She’s been missing her walks and was very funny this morning. I took her round the back of the house for her morning pee – she turned to look out at the bay (where the tide was very much in) in a very pointed fashion, and then sighed in that deeply tragic way that all mothers of teenage girls will comprehend. No, we never let her have any fun at all. 🙂