Spinning Day

Spinning group is at M’s today. I can’t decide whether to take the car and my wheel or go on the bike as the day is fine – I’m inclined to knit anyway, as I am just two repeats from the end of chart 2 on the Swallowtail. Yes, 25% done already – 12 repeats of chart 2, 89 rows, 171 stitches. Not bad for half a day’s work, really. I am now eager to tackle those famous nupps… eek – purl 5 together??? I am pretty sure that my needles won’t be up to the job so may google for the crochet hook instructions. Not that crochets hooks and I get on very well together…

Ah – E just rang, I have a lift to Spinning. We probably won’t get both wheels in the car – I’ll happily leave mine at home in that case and just take some knitting.

In the post today – a cheque for my Tumult of Waves scarf. I’m a knitting magnate, all of a sudden 🙂