Spinning Day

Spinning Day this week is hot, hot, hot. So hot that we couldn’t take advantage of my new sitting place outside and had to go spin inside in the shade! Spinning Cake was oaty-fruity-seedy bars that may have started life as flapjacks but were honey-based instead of syrup-based, and a tray of wonderfully spicy, fruity Chelsea Buns. J brought me eggs, both hen’s and quail’s, and R brought me some curly kale. Wonderful island bounty.

I had two loads of washing on the line before spinning and managed to get some tidying and hoovering done as well as doing the baking and a few other wee jobs, so this afternoon I intend to put my feet up and avoid the sun. I had too much exposure on Monday when I was working on my new bit of garden, and had to resort to the anti-histamines yesterday, consequently feeling absolutely dreadful/useless all day. I made a  real mess of my knitting because of that.

The itching subsided sufficiently to avoid medication today and I feel far more perky, so I don’t want to get any more exposure than I have to today and thereby avoid itching all over again. A perfect excuse for stopping inside and getting the knitting out.