Spinning Day

Orange sandwich cake and warm Gingerbread. We live the high life!

I did spin a little of the mohair/merino. It’s looking good. I also knitted a little on my Fountain Hat and a little on The Antidote (about which I do feel slightly better today.)

Today I bestowed my Spring Cap on SpinningGill. It looks fantastic on her – far better than it does on me. The roving was gifted to me and I was keen to “pay it forward” in some way. By giving the cap to Gill, I not only do the PiF thing but also get to say “thank you” for her teaching me to spin. It seems entirely appropriate that she should have the first item that I have knitted from my own spinning. Everything feels squared off nicely now. Besides, I no longer have to block it 🙂 and I do have another skein to knit with yet.

Spinning Group MKII has been arranged. We shall now have an additional/alternative session on Friday afternoons. Though the Spinning Ladies of Sanday are not yet apprised of this fact! This session is to accommodate one of our new members, who can;’t play out on Wednesday mornings. The group is getting to the size now where fitting us all into one space seems improbable, should we all attempt to turn up at the same time. It’s good to have an alternative session, and the keen can play out twice.

I think I need to get a skate on with the conservatory. It will make a fine place to sit and spin on  Friday afternoons.

Next year we should be able to sit in my new spinning garden. Won’t that be lovely!

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